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RICH Real Estate Dummy

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Yes that’s right!  My name is Rich.  I’m a dummy and I was in the dumps. I know what it’s like to be on the outside looking in. During my journey to find true Real Estate riches I have discovered the EXACT ways to get inside, be effective and CASH IN… It’s easy once you have the information.   I will give you the tools and the help to you get connected! 

QUESTION:  Are you missing the joy, security and potential wealth that home owners have? 

ANSWER: Many people feel this way; but  many others have found great comfort, huge profits and prestige by owning their own home.

I compiled this special FREE report just for you!  You can make it happen with real estate using these proven tools.

You will benefit from the knowledge and time proven techniques that Rich Real Estate Dummies use to live well. You can be a Rich Real Estate Dummy too with insider secrets to home ownership.  Learn the secrets.You will learn how others secure a home for their family, an investment in their future and amass wealth.

Take the confusion out of the BIGGEST investment that an average person can make and enjoy confidence in the buying process.  By reading this FREE report you will have a basic understanding of:

a.     Owner rights and obligations

b.     Buyer Rights

c.     Seller duties to disclose

d.     Title Search

e.     Title Insurance

f.      Home Inspections

g.     Termite Inspections

h.     Property Taxes

i.      Appraisals

j.      Surveys

k.     Flood Zones

l.      Hazard Insurance

m.    Property Disclosure forms

n.     HOA dues and fees

o.     R.E. Broker/agent duties and obligations

p.     Profits and motives and more…

You will KNOW what the right questions are to ask …

  1. For the RE Broker:  What resources and networks do you have that will help me make sure I am investing in the best home, at the right place, where I will be comfortable with my choice.
  2. For the Seller:  Why are you selling?  How long have you lived here.  Are there any problems with the property, neighbors or community that you could tell me about?
  3. For the Agent:     How did you get into the real estate business?  What made you decide to become an agent?  Can you provide me a list of the brand new listings as they become available?

It’s FREE And it is NOT about these 3 typical things:

Location … Location … Location …

It’s about this… persistence and being engaged in the process. It’s about…

  • The Right Time
  • The Right Place
  • Right Now!

Now is your time!