Renter  Look Ahead

The curve is falling

 Make your move! 

The landlord might come knocking and say  “the rent is going up…Sorry but…”

Occupancy rates in residential properties are rising,  vacancy rates are falling, even in the hardest hit areas.


US Census data shows that


Mortgage Rates remain low.  Rents are going up.  The population has increased to 311.6 million people in the USA.  Demographers expect population growth to pick up when the economy rebounds fully.


Vacancies drop when the number of households grows faster than the number of housing units.   This trend is happening nationwide.  This is great for owners in hard hit markets like Nevada, Florida and Arizona.  It makes for some challenges in tight job rich metro areas and markets like coastal California.


The U.S. population is growing by about 2.5 million people each year. To live the life of ease and feel secure, become a property owner and a landlord.   Accounts from the past tell us that it has always been the landowners that do best.  They make the rules, set the agenda and benefit from the government system of taxes.



Tenants be warned:  

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Housing is a local matter.    Data for local areas is hard to get and usually comes from the quarterly Census Housing Vacancy Survey .

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