There are Forces at Play




In 2008, you could have bought a single-family home in many parts of the country for as cheap as four times yearly rentals. (A house whose rental income was $1,250 per month, or $15,000 per year, could be bought for as little as $60,000.)


Location is a major factor in real estate investing. This was difficult to find in prime areas where values tended to be 8 to 10 times yearly income.   In 2010 the 4 x factor was trending more like 7 x.   Good real estate locations are always in demand. Read the rest of this entry

Scams Target Tenants

Dummies Beware…  low priced rents might be too good to be true.

Rich Dummies are direct and diligent.

Protect yourself from swindlers.   Renters are vulnerable.

There is a rush to rent houses as Foreclosures and Short sales make up almost 50% of the resale real estate market in 2012.  When you answer an ad for a rental, make sure you know who you are dealing with. Make sure the landlord is legitimate.

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WE can buy a portfolio of the worlds’ best retail properties at a huge discount right now.

Carlos Slim

  The world’s richest man already owns a piece of the deal and you can too.



There is an 11 block stretch that commands the highest rents per square foot in the world.  Luxury  stores like  Louis Vuitton, Tiffany’s, Barneys, and Bergdorf Goodman all cater to the super rich and not so super… but still, you will find rich dummies that spend $20,000 for a watch and $200 for a T-Shirt. Read the rest of this entry


50% off of Retail

The time is NOW

Buying a Foreclosure at Auction


The biggest advantage is that you might get

A HUGE discount!

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Uncle Sam’s Real Estate Division


The Federal government’s real estate branch is the

Government Services Administration


You may feel like a Dummy,

but it’s not your fault. Read the rest of this entry

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