H A R P…  What is it?

This is the new home owner refinance program that is coming out of Washington in this election year to let you know how much your government officials care about the home owners of America.

Home Affordability Refinance Program

If you are not behind on your mortgage payment
If you cannot refinance your home due to  its value (LTV)
If the mortgage is owned by the government (FNMA/FHLMC)
If the existing loan is greater than 80% of the FMV

YOU might be able to get a new home loan… a refinance.

The final step, if you answered yes to all of the above is to find out if Fannie Mae (FNMA or FHLMC) or Freddie Mac own you loan.  Call here. Read the rest of this entry

We are all the Same…

It might have been the primordial ooze,

an oracle from the universe or an act of Divine creation that steered you to this point.

Today as a Rich Real Estate Dummy

You can  change your life… you could be at the beginning of a new abundance. Read the rest of this entry

Are you waiting for the bottom of the market?

Waiting for the bottom

of the market…

It rarely works to your best interest.  Buyers who are waiting for the bottom of the market will inevitably miss it. Other forces are at work in the background like inflation and rate creep.

While buyers may hold off on a purchase because of worries about continuing price declines, a rise in interest rates during that waiting period could negate the price.  Choices will be fewer, bargains will be missed and costs will be higher.  Look at this example: Read the rest of this entry

Build a Network


Your achievement in life comes as a result of the people you have surrounded yourself with.  If you become a Rich Real Estate Dummy, then  a network of like-minded people will be your number one resource.

This group of associates can be a mix of paid experts and loyal friends.   You may have a business partner, a trusted CPA, a legal adviser or a friendly competitor.  Trust is the key. Read the rest of this entry

Rich Real Estate Dummies

Find Help!


Everyone knows something that they don’t.

A wise man has many councilors.  Real estate investing is complicated and requires a great deal of expertise to engage profitably in the market place.  Fortunes can be made when money and experience join up.

A Dummy with money will get an experience! Read the rest of this entry

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