The world we live in is CHAOTIC!

There has been a huge bubble that burst in the financial world. Investors and employees all got hit.  Stocks, bonds, real estate and even small businesses saw dramatic changes in the market place.

Millions lost their jobs, their life savings and their homes. The government bailed out banks, took over car companies and even became the largest owner of real estate mortgage debt in the world.

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Understanding the business cycle is one of the keys to being a Rich Real Estate Dummy.  We feel that we are just beginning to rise from the trough and will be riding up the slope to recovery for the next several years.  History will repeat and those that are ready will profit.

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  1. low prices/high rents
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Since the end of World War II most business cycles have lasted three to five years. The average duration of an expansion is 44.8 months and the average duration of a recession is 11 months.

The current recession has been compared to the Great Depression, which saw a decline in the economic activity from 1929 to 1933; it lasted 43 months.  This time it’s different and yet it is the same cycle.

The trend over the long term, a term that sees several business cycles is almost always depicted on an upward slope as the world economy expands and life improves for mankind.  Real estate is a long term proposition for most people.  Long term property owners have enjoyed dramatic appreciation in most cases.

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